Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jaflong is a nice hill .

Jaflong is one of the most gorgeous traveler spot in Sylhet division. It's about 60 km far from Sylhet town and takes two hours drive to arrive at there. Jaflong is also a beautiful spot close by amidst tea gardens and velocity beauty of rolling stones from hills. It is positioned in addition the river Mari in the lap of Hill Khashia.

The Mari river is coming from the great Himalayas of India, which bring million tons of stone boulder with its tide. You can observe the stone compilation from the river in Jaflong as well as you can get pleasure from the boating in the river Mari. Jaflong is fully a hilly area of real naLots of wild creature lives in this forest, so you need to be cautious to enter in the forest alone.

 You can observe the way of life of Tribe Khashia in Jaflong. If you propose to visit Jaflong it is suitable to start from Sylhet in the early morning so that you can return by evening covering the other tourists spots of nearby areas of Jaflong.
bdThe other traveler areas nearby Jaflong are Tamabil, Sripur and Jaintapurtural.0 good looks where hills are greenish by the forest.

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